Happy in Djerba ? Of course I am!

“Happiness is not a destination to reach, but a way to travel.” Djerba

Margaret Lee Runbeck was right, to know how to be happy, you have to start by appreciating the little things in life. Being happy with what you have, keeping only the positive and smiling at life is my philosophy. Even after traveling and discovering many destinations, the journey continues, as it is a lifetime excursion. As it is not something you can find in the street or buy, allow yourself to be happy, and that, right now!

Enchanted, Pauline, 21 years old, I come from the Arcachon basin, 1 hour from Bordeaux, France.

If I originally came here to Djerba in December 2021, it was to accomplish a volunteer mission focused on tourism. Then I made beautiful encounters that marked me, I discovered wonderful dry and desert landscapes dressed with a typical architecture to fall. With time, I learned to discover a culture that was unknown to me until then, through the customs, the language, the local cuisine and many others.

The weather is so good here, it is not for nothing that it is called Djerba the Sweet!

However, I have often been confronted with the terrible fact that Tunisian youth do not necessarily project their future in the country and have desires for elsewhere. This may seem legitimate to me. Only, most of them have not traveled inside Tunisia and do not know all the wealth that their motherland has to offer. For me, happiness comes from this discovery. This surprise and excitement of going beyond one’s own borders and being proud of oneself once the course has been crossed.

Don’t hesitate to discover what’s going on around you!

Exploring new places and meeting new people are essential elements for unexpected and therefore quite certain happiness.

Being part of the CoZi team, I noticed that they embody these values perfectly. Here, you meet new people every day from all over the world who bring with them wherever they go, their joy of sharing their experiences and making new ones. Djerba is mainly known as a vacation destination, but it is also a place where you can work conscientiously, responsibly and productively. During my experience at Coliving, I had the opportunity to be in contact with coworkers and travelers who both enjoyed expeditions and told me their stories.

I’ve always been told that “everything is better when sharing”, so find now the interview of Firas Ballafou on CoZi’s blog space where others are still to come, so stay active!

By admiring the positive energy that always comes out of the space and the people who make it live, it makes me want to become a digital nomad. Working wherever I am to be able to travel and discover new places makes me dream. Especially since there are so many possibilities today on the internet!

The time to enjoy the moment is now!

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