Firas Balaffou, a 25 year old Djerbian entrepreneur who manages well ( and sometimes VERY well) astute and ambitious businessman who stays at Cozi Coliving and works at the coworking! He joins us today to tell us about his experience that we find so impressive.

Hello Firas, labes? I’d like to ask you a few questions about your career path to inspire the younger generation to follow in your footsteps!coworking

Firas : Hello, yes with pleasure ! Currently, I am an entrepreneur in e-commerce thanks to my company specialized in bedding, and more particularly in the sale of pillows.
First and foremost, I started 5 years ago in drop shipping, I bought items from AliExpress and sold them in France and in the United States. At the beginning, I sold one product per week, then one per day until I reached three per day. This experience allowed me to acquire very good marketing skills and the most important : “Know how to sell each product”  coworking

“Knowing how to sell each product”

Indispensable nowadays! Where are you now? coworking

Firas: Yes, I have a good memory of it, but as I couldn’t see myself doing this forever, I sold everything for several thousands, which allowed me to launch my first business by staying in a dropshipping model with Ebay in the United States, even without ever having set foot there. Only, living most of the time in Tunisia, I needed a status, so I created a second company. I was quickly able to access a network in China where I could benefit from a supplier. To take advantage of the best possible quality and to satisfy the needs of our customers, we developed our microfiber pillow by comparing the feedback of different brands on Amazon.

What an evolution ! coworking

Firas: Yes indeed! The company is growing quite fast, we started with 3 and now we are 12! The most extraordinary thing is that we all live in the four corners of the world on several time zones! Some are in China, Philippines, Pakistan, others in Tunisia, USA and one in France, which is really cool!

When was the moment you knew you wanted to be an entrepreneur? coworking

Firas: I think I always had this idea in my mind since I was a kid, then after that I started to do freelance design, I was managing professional social networks, so this idea was confirmed. The most important thing for me was to work for myself.

“Working for my own company is a dream fulfilled” coworking

Since you started, do you keep coming to work in coworking spaces?

Firas: Yes, I consider myself a digital nomad who doesn’t enjoy working in traditional offices. And since my colleagues are not here, we work online. That’s why I like to be in this kind of places, at CoZi, we meet a lot of very interesting people who also came to work in a good atmosphere.

“Evolving in a coworking space motivates me to be really productive!” coworking

So what is your daily routine like? coworking

Firas: Since I don’t really have a fixed schedule, I work from 8am after having breakfast with my partner. We talk about what we’re going to do during the day, then once the team is complete around 10am, we all communicate on Slack. After a small check of the team, I take part in meetings on Skype for the business mostly with colleagues of the logistics in China. From 1pm, I have more free time and I occupy it by working on how to improve the company from an external point of view, how to adapt to its needs, I learn about the news and I do research.

You must have experienced some amazing things! What is your worst and best experience since you started? coworking

Firas: Even though it is necessary, attending meetings and answering emails are things I enjoy the least because I feel overwhelmed and not creative at all. What I love about my job is being active on social networks, following trends, doing media buying mainly on network advertising. I’m always the one involved in it. Also, I like to participate in the creation of videos by bringing my ideas to the scriptwriter and video editor. Communicating with them leaves room for my creativity.

Very interesting! Would you have any advice for someone who is hesitating to start? coworking

Firas: Unfortunately, young Tunisians don’t have a good view of their professional future if they stay here, when on the contrary, they can do great things! Even if you come from a poor family, as long as you give the best of yourself, you can achieve a lot! Especially since with the internet, everything is possible, whenever and wherever you want.

Take the plunge! Now is the time! coworking

Thank you very much Firas, we appreciate your testimony and hope that your advice will help a lot.

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