Have a Good Time Working In Djerba

It's a shared living space.
If you are looking to work, live, and meet people in Djerba, Our community will be more than happy to welcome you and share good moments with you.

Our history

Since the creating of our Coworking in 2016, CoZi's mission is to develop a community of entrepreneurs and creative minds in the south of Tunisia.
A dynamic, open and wealth-creating community.
We see ourselves as a diverse cloud of individuals working for the sustainable development of our environment.


Djerba, as evoked in Homer’s Odyssey, is the land of the Lotus-eaters. It is a small island so seductive that Gustave Flaubert described : “This island covered with gold dust, greenery, and birds, where the lemon trees are high as cedars and where the air is so sweet that it prevents from dying” 


Djerba is an island in Southern Tunisia, with white sandy beaches and whitewashed domes. The Djerbians are culturally differentiated from mainland Tunisians and retain many of their traditions and unique architecture.

Our Services

Private or shared lodging.

Studios for one or two people, furnished and well equipped

Community &element; Networking

You have access to the COZI community

Unlimited internet and WiFi

We have a stable and good quality internet connection.

Living like a Djerbian

You can easily integrate yourself into the local life of Djerba.

Cofee and snacks

A refreshment area is available on the space. Perfect to take something to drink and eat.

Close to ...

Located in the tourist area of Djerba, a few minutes walk from the beach, close to all necessities.


A working space with a good atmosphere is at your disposal.

Bicycle and motorcycle for rent

We offer bike or motorcycle rental for easy travel.

Have fun working in Djerba

Book Your Room

Located 10 minutes from the sea (on foot), surrounded by hotels and leisure centers, our space created in 2021, will allow you to live a unique Djerbian experience.

The accommodation part is located on the 1st floor of the building and is composed of 4 studios. Each one has a bedroom, a living room, a bathroom, and a kitchenette with a dining table.

Adnen Suite

Maya Suite

Chokri Suite

Lina Suite

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