vacances à Djerba

Ideas for a productive break in Djerba!


Photo By Khalil Yamoun Djerba

Djerba is an island in Tunisia. It is located on the north coast of Africa. The climate is hot and dry with an average temperature of about 27 degrees Celsius. Djerba offers tourists many activities, such as beaches, nature and culture.

Some of the most popular activities include hiking, kayaking, sunbathing and parasailing. On top of that, you can enjoy almost any activity on the beach while memorizing it with your camera!

The best places to eat in Djerba ?

Djerba is an island of Tunisia which abounds in restaurants. Here are some of the best restaurants:

1) Lagune: This is one of the best restaurants in Djerba. It serves Mediterranean cuisine and offers a beautiful view of the sea.

2) Bach Hanba : It is also one of the best restaurants in Djerba. They have an incredible menu and serve dishes from all over North Africa and their dishes are very spicy.

3) Port Aghir Restaurant: This restaurant has a great atmosphere and offers breakfast, lunch, dinner and drinks for all those who want to enjoy their time there.

The best coffees for a productive break!

In recent years, many cafes have appeared around the world. One such place is Djerba, Tunisia. The best cafes in Djerba are not only delicious but also offer the perfect environment for a productive break.

The best coffees in Djerba are :

Cozi Coworking café 

– El Fondouk

– Le pécheur

– Gaia

Archaeological sites to visit

Djerba is home to many archaeological sites dating back to the Phoenician, Roman, Byzantine and Islamic periods. The fort of Ghazi Mostafa is one of them. It was built by the Ottoman governor Ghazi Mostafa Pasha in 1612.

Again, the Fadhloun Mosque is the most famous mosque in Djerba. While its architecture reflects the religious buildings of the island, its unusual design makes it stand out from the other historical sites of Djerba.

Moreover, the synagogue of Djerba is one of the most important and oldest synagogues in Tunisia. At the end of the 17th century, it was renovated and its interior decoration was added. Since then, the synagogue has become a tourist site with occasional Jewish visitors.

Pleasant atmosphere and nightlife

The island of Djerba is a popular tourist destination in Tunisia and has become a hub of nightlife.

The nightlife in Djerba is not only about discos, but also about beach bars and restaurants. The atmosphere is generally very pleasant and people are always in a good mood.

Djerba offers a variety of different nightclubs, from mega clubs to small bars with live music and DJ sets. They are all located close to each other, so you can easily move from one place to another without having to worry about transportation.

In addition, there are also street parties that take place during the night where you can enjoy different types of food and drinks while listening to live music.

Work remotely from Djerba

Remote working is a growing trend in Djerba. Coworking spaces offer the ideal environment for remote workers to collaborate and work together.

In fact, coworking spaces are becoming increasingly popular, especially in remote areas like Djerba. Remote workers can use these places to get out of their homes and interact with other people. They also provide all the office amenities you need to be productive, such as internet connection, coffee and comfortable furniture.

CoZi your great plan!

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Furthermore, Cozi is a great place for digital nomads or anyone who wants to work in peace with a friendly atmosphere and networking opportunities. Cozi is not only a place to work and collaborate with others, but also a welcoming community that offers networking opportunities and digital nomads the possibility to have their own space while enjoying the culture of Djerba.

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