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Why are we happier in Djerba?

Photo by Khalil Yamoun

Happiness is a state of mind. But it is also more than that. It is the result of a life well lived and the ability to live that life with meaning, purpose and joy.

– Dalaï Lama XIV


Happiness is not a destination, but a journey. It is not something you can find, buy or achieve. It is a way of living and being that you develop in your life.

The desire for happiness is universal and should be pursued by everyone. Happiness can come from within by looking at what you have accomplished and being grateful for what you have instead of focusing on what you don’t have. It can also be found in the smallest of moments, in many places as well.

How important is the location of your vacation to your happiness?

The vacations are a time for rest and relaxation. It is also a time for family, friends and festivities. It is a time of year when people are more likely to feel happy and have a sense of well-being.

A recent study found that where you vacation is important to your well-being. That’s because some places are more likely to make you happy than others.

The study found that people who went on vacation to warm, sunny places were happier and had a higher sense of well-being than those who went to cool, rainy places.

Djerba, the pearl of southern Tunisia, is the ideal place to spend a happy vacation.

Why visit Djerba ?

Djerba is a popular tourist destination in Tunisia. It is a small island with a population of just over 100,000 people.

Djerba has a rich history that goes back more than 2000 years. It was first inhabited by Berber peoples before being conquered by the Romans and Byzantines.

Today, Djerba still retains its cultural heritage and many traditions of its ancient civilizations are still practiced on the island today.

Djerba has known several civilizations that is what makes it unique.  It does not cease to charm its visitors, offering the best landscapes, paradisiacal beaches, the mixture of cultures. To sum up, the experience in Djerba is always unique.

The days of happiness are very rare and Djerba is always there to make us live unforgettable days and to provide us with the dopamine dose we need!

A good plan in Djerba that will make you happier

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