Why Djerba is the best destination for freelancers?

Photo by Kahlil Yamoun

Djerba is a beautiful Mediterranean island, with a mild climate, cheap flights and coworking spaces.

Djerba is the best destination for freelancers because it has everything they need to work well. There are coworking spaces, which offer a good internet connection and a comfortable working environment. The island also has a pleasant climate and a view of the sea, which makes it very relaxing for freelancers to work on their projects in Djerba.

Besides the low cost of living, freelancers can also find cheap flights to Djerba from Europe or North Africa.

This blog post will give you 3 reasons why Djerba is the best destination for freelancers!

1. Low living costs compared to Western countries:

The cost of living in Djerba is much cheaper than in Western countries. For example, a cup of coffee will cost at least 1 euro in Morocco and only 30 cents in Djerba.

Also, Djerba is a destination for tourists and expatriates. With its beautiful beaches, warm climate and friendly people, it is an excellent place to live. The cost of living in Djerba is much cheaper than in Western countries. Djerba’s airport is only 8 km from the city center and transportation costs are almost negligible.

2. Easier to manage your time as a freelancer:

As a freelancer, time management is essential and it is easier to manage your time living in Djerba than if you were living at home.

We all know that time is money. With time management skills, you can save a lot of time and be more productive.

Quality of life can be improved by managing time better. You can spend more time with your friends, play sports or simply walk in nature without worrying about work.

It is also much easier to manage your daily routine when you have less to do and it will also save you money because you will not buy as many products as before, for example clothes or food.

3. CoZi Coworking and Coliving: A shared living and working space for freelancers:

CoZi is a shared living and working space designed to be welcoming and comfortable, with a community atmosphere. The idea behind CoZi is to make life easier for people who are looking for both a place to live and work.

The company has continued to grow as more and more people find themselves in the position of needing both a place to live and a place to work.

If you want to work or start a business in Djerba, CoZi is for you!

You can consult the services of CoZi on the website CoZi.tn and book your next home in the warmth of the sun now!

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