Tunisia supports its startups

Did you know? Tunisia supports its startups!

Let us introduce you to Startup Act!

Designed specifically to support you in your efforts to create your startup, this 100% Tunisian program has already supported many companies.

Here is an aid that was put in place during the COVID-19 crisis:

It’s called “SAVE” and has been set up to save labeled* startups at risk of liquidation or layoffs…

*Application for certification to be made when registering. Once this is done, you will benefit from many advantages of being part of this great family! We invite you to visit their website to get more information about the eligibility criteria.

But what did this assistance consist of?

SAVE offered a reimbursable advance without fees and without interest according to the needs of the supported startup. That is to say, if your business was able to bounce back thanks to this help, good for us Startup Act is happy to have helped you and will ask you to pay it back at your own pace. However, if your business has not bounced back despite this provision, that’s okay.

SAVE was pleased to serve you.

This solidarity proves how much Tunisia wanted to support the investment and the will of those who dared to launch themselves and who wish to continue on their way. Supporting Tunisian startups when times are hard was the objective of Startup Act, and it is successful!

“The stars of tomorrow will come from Tunisia” – Startup Tunisia

Note that Startup Act is in close collaboration with Startup Tunisia and that their common goal is to make Tunisia a country of Startups at the crossroads of the Mediterranean, the MENA region (Middle East and North Africa), and the whole of Africa.

“It all starts with a strategically positioned country with over 3,000 years of history and culture.” Startup Tunisia

Indeed, the latter offers the possibility as a startup, investor, and entrepreneur, to fully engage yourself, it is a golden opportunity

So don’t wait any more! Why not make your own?


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