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5 simple ways to enjoy your holiday while working

Moving from a hectic day to another is what I’ve been through. Having a rest or going on a vacation is all I truly need. And I think it is the same for you as you are here. Isn’t it?  After a deep research, I can finally say we’re almost there.

A one-page recipe is all what you need:

Change your mindset :

Before we go deep into other detailed tips, the first thing to do is clean up your mind and get rid of all the previous thoughts of task-orientation.

It is not that big deal if you can’t handle all your meetings alone.

You won’t be losing your work or even your business if you choose to minimize your To-Do List or even to quit the office for a couple of days.

Changing your way of thinking will change your work quality.

Try to figure out how you can find the balance between your work updates and your other life needs.

Change your (daily) habits:

Your way of joy can be through your work, through a bunch of new skills. But how is that?

Look for a new type of activity. If you previously thought about a new idea to try or a new technique to enter, it is your high time to make up your thoughts about it, to draw its strategy, or even to give it a try.

Looking far away, have you ever felt motivated about learning a new specific skill, but your busy lifestyle stands against your wish?

Enjoying your holiday activities and enjoying a new skill learning at the same time can be a highly recommended offer.

Change your surroundings/environment/place:

There is no more powerful way that affects your work spirit ( your motivation, your willingness) than your surroundings. That’s why you need to look for your mates in productivity, as many business people like Elon Musk behave.

A coliving or a coworking space can be your best destination for such a holiday. Integrating into a group of productive people tends to push you into a circle of productivity.

Set up time limits:

Even your holiday schedule needs to be well-organized. Your mess mind and your worries about your missed tasks will disturb your time of relaxation. A keyword to mention when it comes to planning your daily schedule is priorities: make your priorities and your heavy tasks at the top of the page. The philosophy behind such a layout is: 

  • a hard-done task will boost your self-confidence 
  •  refresh you 
  • makes you ready for more tasks to do.

Prioritize your rest:

It may be financially beneficial when you give your work its importance. But in a long run can cause a dramatic decline, according to a study done by Harvard Business Review It shows that working during time-off will undercut your intrinsic motivation. Thus, your productivity will decline. Consider your vacation as a task to accomplish for the sake of your work and you will see the progress that you will get.