5 moyens les plus efficaces de générer de l'argent

5 most affective ways to generate money in the future of business

Making money, in 2021, becomes easier than what we think it is. With less work and more techniques, you can be one of the richest people. All you need is to continue reading.


“Anything and everything that can go digital is going digital”, as Ambani said, a business man who raised more than $20 billion, during the Covid-19 lockdown.

Going digital is nowadays a must. Since the start of this pandemic, people are looking for online solutions as workers or customers. Thus, any business needs to have an online version as an alternative for its staff as well as for its clientele. Beyond that, digitalization is giving birth to many new businesses and enhancing customer experience. More flexibility, time, and money savings, … and a long list of online work benefits.

   2. Sharing: a win-win future trend:

Have you ever wondered why Youtubers or Social media influencers are making a fortune through their content?

The simple reason is Sharing. They are trying to share their skills, their expertise, and any valuable experience they’ve been through.

The trend in the future of business is depending on giving and getting back to guarantee a mutual profit. And that’s what we’re focusing on in CoZi.tn where you can share with a vibrant community to assure your progress.

To sum up, if you wanna learn, share.

  3.  Your skills matters:

Surely, you’ve heard about the new requirements for hiring employees in Google, Facebook, and many other companies. What matters is what makes you unique. Your new strategy, whether you’re studying or working, is to make your best to build your own skill with your own way of execution.

Noting that, some of the skills such as communication, basic IT knowledge, social media management are mandatory currently.

  4. Self-branding:

Your public image is the key to your professional success.

Personal branding can’t be a simple post to share but a whole strategy to put and a tool to master.

Do you know why? Because the first thing an employer will do is to search you through social media. Your skills, your reputation, your bio, your posts,…all matter. Most social media to master professionally is:

  • LinkedIn
  • ClubHouse
  • Twitter

   5. Passive incomes: Make money while you sleep

A confusion many people can make is that passive income means doing nothing. Of course not… Whenever you will start a new business to generate a passive income, you need first to make a lot of sacrifices to set up your business. Then, you will begin generating a huge profit. Here are some exelementles that can help you build a fortune:

  • starting a Youtube channel
  • blogging
  • book sales
  • creating an app
  • affiliate marketing

If you’re thinking of picking this chance and trying your hand, you can join our community so that we may help you.