Les meilleurs outils de gestion des médias sociaux

Digital marketing management software

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Digital Marketing Management Tools

What is digital marketing management tool and what are its benefits?

Digital marketing management tools have been a great boon to businesses. In fact, they help in managing their budgets, assignments and workflows more efficiently.

Many companies are realizing the need to know how to manage their social networks. Thus, there is a growing need for digital marketing management tools. These compensate for the lack of manpower and help companies save time and money by automating the process.

The various digital marketing management tools:

First, assisted writing tools help generate content for your various tasks (email, comments, bio, blog, report). Next, analytics applications allow marketers to track the progress of their campaigns. Then there are tools for the rapid creation and deployment of high-quality emailing. Finally, social media management applications help automate the process of publishing, measuring and monitoring content.

It is important to compare the features of each social media management tool to   make the best choice.

As a result , these tools allow brands to know their targets and to offer them a personalized service.

Example of a social network management tool

What is a social network management tool?

Social networks are now part of our daily life. They can help you save time and offer quick solutions to stay on top and provide useful information.

Social media tools are specially designed for anyone who wants to automate and centralize their social networks, target and plan digital campaigns, implement and organize a digital marketing strategy.

The best social media management tools on the market

The best social media planning and management tools have the ability to simplify social media profile management. With these, you can add content to your profiles, publish posts, schedule posts in advance, compile reports on the metrics provided by the platform and much more.

Here is a list of the most present and powerful tools currently on the market:

Our selection for small businesses just starting out in social network management and planning


Main Functionality :

Metricool allows you to manage your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn content. It helps you plan your content by suggesting the most relevant times to gain visibility. Metricool provides you with custom reports with the data you feel is relevant and appropriate for your needs.


32.870TND/ month: 5 Brands/ 2000 publications per month

55.880 TND/ month: 10 brands/ 10000 publications per month

2- Planable :
Main functionality :

Planable allows you to schedule your content from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn and manage your Google Business accounts. It has multiple views to allow your team to better organize itself: calendar view, feed view, list view and grid view. Planable helps you plan your content by scheduling the day and time to publish your content.


25.850 TND/ month: 7 social network pages

54.570 TND/ month: 15 social network pages

When looking for digital marketing tools, most software offer free trials, it is interesting to try several before settling on a subscription. All of them have good reasons to please you but you must first define your needs and what you are looking for in these software.

You can also use to start managing social networks, the Facebook Business & Element suite, Business Manager, it will allow you to manage your Facebook and Instagram accounts for free, it’s a good start to get started in the field, but you will find yourself a little restricted if you want to centralize all your networks, such as LinkedIn, Site, YouTube or Pinterest.

To conclude, it is important to choose a suitable planner, so we advise you to test several with the free versions before making your choice.