Djerba Coworking Space


CoZi Coworking Café was founded in 2016 to offer the young generation of South Tunisian a collaborative, learning and creative environment.
A space/time offering inspiration and support to people who want to take their destiny into their own hands

Vision and philosophy:

Our vision is of a creative community that innovates and contributes to the progress of its region. A community with roots, open to others.
We believe in collaboration, sharing and work as levers of evolution.

What we do:

Beyond a well-equipped and open workspace, CoZi is a suitable environment to be inspired, to grow your ideas and share them with others who can support you and join them in the achievement.
Socialize and interact with one another and see the magic of coworking!

Our Services

Coworking Space

Cozi Caffé

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Our Subscriptions



TND 3 Session

Got a quick thing to do? You can sit back and finish it.


A whole day

TND 20 Day
  • If you are passing through Djerba and you are looking for a place to work, then this is your perfect place to be!
  • For a day at CoZi you have:
  • Free space*
  • Free WiFi*
  • Printer, Scan, Fax, Phone*
  • Private locker*
  • Access to events*


7 Days per month

TND 80 Week
  • You have 7 days per month that you can divide according to your choice.
  • Presentation materials*
  • White boards*
  • Free access to events*

Weld eddar

5 days per week for a month

TND 180 Month
  • You can work from Monday to friday. share and develop your skills with startups, freelancers, ONG.
  • Your dedicated spot
  • A private 24/7 valid access


we support certain activities

- -30 %
  • We offer a 30% reduction if you are :
  • A student
  • Volunteer / Intern

Join us!
Discover an extraordinary work environment!

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